Chassis with float tube

This is a chassis system that I cut and tailored for my rifle and so I altered it to fit my criteria. As a result it is slightly different than what we had originally designed.
It is designed to fit the Weatherby Mark V 9 lug action.
the chassis base is cut to cradle the action and tightly hold the recoil lug to ensure the action rests in the same position after each shot and each time you take it out.
The stock is a lightweight design that allows full adjustment of the comb and length of pull. the comb is adjusted up and down using a thumb wheel and locks using a smaller thumb wheel in-between the cheek rest and the stock base. The forward an back adjustment is set using a single set screw. The length of pull is set by a set screw as is the up and down adjustment.
I have always liked the idea of having the stock fold over to the right side of the rifle and this stock does this very well allowing plenty of room for an over sized bolt Knob.
The level is set in the chassis and provides a great asset when shooting off of uneven terrain. Even while on the scope it is easy to see without changing head position.
The chassis base, stock and float tube are cut from 6061 aluminum and the base uses an AR style pistol grip and AR style mag release.
This is where the design differs from what we originally had in mind. This float tube was cut to allow me to use the low rings that I previously had on my system. what we would like to do is run a full length tube with key-mod slots and a full length 20MOA scope base that spans from the front of the tube to the action.
this Chassis is light weight and extremely modular. Please let us know what you think. Let us know on Facebook or Email at