Solid Chassis Design

This Chassis was allot of fun to build and the stock portion is still one of my favorites. It is built for the Weatherby Mark V 9 lug action and uses a detachable magazine that gives the shooter the ability to load to a COAL of 3.79.
The stock is smooth sleek and allows for comb adjustment up, down, for and aft for perfect ocular placement. This gives you a perfect cheek well every time. The height is easily adjusted with the turn of a thumb-wheel while the for and aft is set with two set screws. The length of pull is also adjustable up, down, for and aft with the for and aft adjusted by a thumb-wheel and the up and down with the two set screws. Each thub-wheel is machined to allow a ball to lock it into place so that during the recoil the wheels will not turn.
One of the things that I like about the stock and hing is that it folds to the right over the bolt knob. One of the most frustrating aspects to carrying a majority of the folded rifle is out there is you either have the bolt or the stock sticking you in the back or side. When we where working on this we wanted to address that issue and this is one of our designs that make that possible.
Moving forward we come to the level system. This is a nice help when out on the hill side or off of a hood. On this chassis the level comes out to the side as well as being visible through the window on top of the chassis.
the chassis base and stock is 6061 aluminium. We also utilized the AR style pistol grip so the shooter can personalize the weapon to what they want.
The for hand grip area is sold and provides a solid immovable shooting platform. The holes in the side of the for hand and the stock are used to attach a quick connect swivel stud to secure a removable sling.
This was a fun build and we look forward to hearing your comments on it, what you like what you don’t like, what you would like to see different.
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