Weatherby Mark V 6lug Lightweight 20MOA scope base


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Constructed out of 7075 aluminum this is a one piece rail built by Long Range Precision LLC for the Weatherby Mark V. ¬†This picatinny rail is machined to fit exactly to your action. At Long Range Precision LLC we laser scanned the action and had tooling custom made so there is no gap on the mounting surface. ¬†Assuring a proper fit every time. This is imperative to making those long distance shots. The spacing is correct to all scope ring manufactures. We run these on our Weatherby’s and have rings from Seekins Precision, Nightforce, U.S. Optics and Badger Ordinance. It is designed to fit the 6 lug Lightweight style of the Weatherby Mark V action. It has a 20 moa cant to give you extra elevation in your turrets for those extra long shots. The rail comes with mounting screws that will need to be altered in length for your action.