Long Range Precision LLC. LRP Rifle Slings Instructions

1. Unassemble the sling completely. We put them
together for ease of packing. Then start with the
short strap hook end down and the long the
strap hook end up.


2. Install a keeper on the short strap and then feed

it hook end through the swivel.


3. Slide the non-hook end of the long strap through

the front swivel.


4. Now install both keepers on the front strap.


5. Slide the non-hook end of the long strap through
the rectangle ring on the short strap and loop it
back onto itself securing the hook end to the
holes about midway. Then even out the keeper
as shown.


6. Go back to the short strap and put the hook end
through the keeper and attach it to the long
strap. The finished product should look like the
pictures below. You are now finished installing
your new LRP rifle strap.



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