This detachable magazine system was designed for the 338 Lapua and 300 Weatherby Magnum. After receiving some emails asking if it could be used with other cartridges we made some modifications and found that with proper gunsmithing it could be utilized with several cartridges.

For optimal performance we recommend that the bottom metal be at the fallowing specifications.

The distance from the bottom of the action and the top of the bottom metal at the rear bolt should be 1.350 in

The distance from the bottom of the recoil lug and the top of the bottom metal at the front bolt should be .418 in

  • When used in MOST Weatherby stocks the mag well area is to short and will not allow the mag to pass through the stock. To allow the magazine to pass through some material needs to be removed from the rear and front mag well walls. Be sure not to remove too much as the stock walls will add stability to the system.
  • On other Weatherby and aftermarket stocks,  the mag well area may be too large and while the system does bolt in and function we recommend bedding the stocks mag well area to make a stronger system.
  • If the round is not riding high enough for the bolt to engage it properly it may be necessary to widen the retaining flanges on the magazine itself thus allowing the round to ride higher in the magazine. If the round sits too low in the magazine the bolt face will not connect the round and push it into the chamber. DO NOT INLET THE STOCK TO ALOW THE BOTTOM METAL TO BECOME CLOSER TO THE ACTION. This will cause problems feeding as the bolt body will hit the magazine while the round is being fed.